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Angela first began learning aerial silks and trapeze in 2009, training with Rain and Sarah of the Paper Doll Militia (PDM) in San Francisco, CA. Musicality and performance were always core to PDM's teaching style, so this has been the foundation of her experience. She believes that aerial dance is fundamentally about character and expression, and her style in the air emphasizes grace, precision, and fluidity of movement.  

Angela is a founding member of the cirque ensemble The Dahlias, which blends modern circus and dance on a variety of specialty and custom apparatuses. She has performed with The Dahlias, as well as with Chrysalis CircusIntrepid Talent, La Maison Aurora, Entire Productions, Last Wave Productions, and Circosphere.

In addition to circus, Angela is a UX/UI designer in the health tech space and mom to an amazing (and occasionally maddening) little toddler.

Angela's emphasis in teaching is act development, including choreographing and leading student shows. But her favorite class to teach is always first-time beginners because of the magic in discovering new forms of movement and the excitement in accomplishing new achievements. 

After over a decade in San Francisco, Angela is now based in the Seattle Area and teaching classes out of her private studio. To learn more, visit Full Bloom Aerial Arts.

Image by Cat Han
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